Pandora Bracelet

What an amazing idea, These Pandora bracelets should be call memory bracelet. Because each one is unique in its own way. We get to put charms that fit into our lives. I’m so excited to have mine with all the little trinkets that mean so much to me.

We just love that each charm means something to us. I’ll be looking for a baking charm and the endless possibilities of how I can create a life on a bracelet. Oooo I’m so excited, please consider this as a gift your love one, she will jump for joy, I know I am….


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What is it about a present that makes us act like silly Children. We shake them and me for the most part love wrapped surprises. One year my children just open gift without appreciation and it truly bothered me that they was waiting for next.

So, the following year I slowed it down a bit. I didn’t over spoil them because it was my fault after all. They only do want they are taught, right? I decided they needed to know what giving is all about, I explained to them that they will earn money to buy gifts for those on their list.

They had to keep their room clean, boy did it bring out the best in them. Thou, I had every kind of coffee mug and lotions they could find. I truly loved hearing them trying to be secretive about wrapping each gift. from then on they would look at who give them their present instead of … next

Our home had another tradition, we had stocking I truly think they were the best part. I would find little trinkets for each of them, to this day if we didn’t have anything else we would have stockings. Isn’t that how it started long ago. Where handmade gifts was everything.

Now, truly gift expectation have been allowed to get so ridiculous. The amount people are spending is taking something away from the whole Holiday. I truly hope your home doesn’t fall into the gift trap!

Proud Army Mom

She touched my heart , by doing this for me…

Boy, am I proud of her. She was in Afghanistan here. She took time on top of one of the highest mountains to pick up stones so she could show me how much she looked up to me. I don’t think she knows how such and action can bring me so much joy.

My Daughter is running a Platoon and has made it to Staff Sgt. I am so proud, there are few women who make it to the higher classification level. Thou, I can tell you it come with a cost. Stresses are high but she would never complain.

One day she call me up and showed me a pic, It said “my Tank” it was a proud day for her , all that was in the back of my mind was, we all know what tanks do, Right. Her Soldiers are green giant big and I love them all for taking great care of their Sgt. I consider them all my children. I am a proud Army Mom.

Just want to talk about nothing…

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My husband and I have ran a Soup Kitchen for decades, thou retired now this year we helped 350 families with Thanksgiving food and more. So, why is it that we’re alone. We give so much of ourselves all the time. Thou it feels good to help, can’t help to say that we are lonely.

Our dream day is sitting in the park talking about nothing. It doesn’t take long to drop in and say ” I was in the area and thought of you. But we don’t get that… as senior years creep up seems that we see less , hear less of people.

This picture is beautiful , yet it looks so lonely. I don’t know how to change how I feel but for today. I wish someone would call to say , pulse check, are you OK.

Chocolate Body Salt Scrub

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If you never tried a Body scrub salt, you don’t know what your missing. The way it soften your skin will not only be felt but seen. Salt or sugar scrubs are ones that deliver. If you were to buy one they pretty costly. But most people don’t want to make their own they prefer quick buy. But if you made your own , you would know what’s truly in it.

This is my Chocolate Body Scrub

  • 1/3 cup of Coconut Oil
  • 1 cup Sea Salt
  • 1 tsp Organic Chocolate Powder
  • 5-7 drops of Essential Chocolate oil

Mix in a bowl and add put in mason jar. I can tell you that Chocolate will make your skin feel better and this will become a favorite